Sunday, July 5, 2009

new era in becoming a university student

at last MMS had finished...! if u wanna know, MMS stands 4 'MIGGU MESRA SISWA'....

is it?hee

for a week we were being held as slave in our own campus...haha..for the first few days, its kinda sucks for us TESL students..but as the day goes by,we felt that what all the seniors taught us was to survive in a campus live..

we had been insult,taunt n being called for a roll call until 3.00 o clock just for a sake of others who created problem..WTH?

but its been quite an experience for us,as it teaches us to be're rite..

but now,we are an official UiTM students...!!! yippie....

thus the journey will be much tougher than before,but U life is hell lot of fun